For our tenth wedding anniversary we decided to visit Prince Edward Island which is located on the Eastern side of Canada. It is Canada’s smallest province, boasting roughly 140,000 residents. It is frequently called the “Garden of the Gulf” and it deserves the name. Located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Island is a feast for the eyes. A tour of the Island displays pastoral landscapes. There are rolling hills, red sand beaches, woods, coves, and beauty in every direction as far as the eye can see.


We chose to visit this Island for two main reasons: we have a resident fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery in our house and the Island was purported to be so beautiful that we felt sure of having a great time exploring and taking photographs of it. We were not disappointed.

Our trip lasted one week total, during which time we drove around the circumference of the Island. We visited lighthouses, picnicked overlooking fishing coves, walked beaches, and took as many detours down small red dirt roads as we could manage. Yes, we visited all of the Lucy Maud Montgomery hotspots but mostly we enjoyed getting to know the world which Montgomery loved, the Island itself.


We decided to make this trip as relaxing as possible, not setting up a schedule to be followed. Each evening we’d return to our rooms and plan the next day’s general explorations. We left plenty of time for talking to the locals, eating fresh seafood, and rambling along. We operated on “island time” and it was splendid.

Prince Edward Island begs to be photographed. Each bend in the road revealed more beauty and the landscape frequently took our breath away. The countryside was beautiful but we confess that we most enjoyed our time talking to the people who have made the Island their home. We discovered that most people have had family on the Island for several generations back, a fact about which they are quite proud. Their history is rich with family, community, music and laughter. It was reported to us that Island hospitality was second to none and we now firmly believe it. When we left the Island we determined that we wanted to be just as friendly and helpful to the people we meet as the Islanders were to us. Never have we met a more friendly people, so warm-hearted and so full of fun. We listened to their stories, their music, their history and we enjoyed it all.


Happily we chose to travel before the rush of tourist season. Although the weather can be iffy prior to July, a June visit was perfection. Most days we traveled alone, enjoying the beaches and shore roads in peace and quiet. It was a beautiful treat to explore the land in silence, and not as part of a crowd. We highly recommend a visit to the Island off season. It is a great destination in June. If we were to go again, we’d choose a fall month so that we could see the Island in a different season entirely.

Prince Edward Island has and will continue to have a special place in our hearts. Our trip there exceeded our expectations and imaginations. We shall love it always.


May kindest fortune smile
In coming years;
Peace and prosperity
In all her borders be,
From every evil free,
And weakling fears.