As mentioned previously, our family enjoys finding vacation rentals to stay at when we travel. We find it makes things a lot more pleasant when you have your own space to relax in. Everyone usually gets a better night’s sleep, which makes day times – and travel in general – infinitely easier (especially where small children are concerned).

When we were planning our trip to Southern California we weren’t exactly sure where it was we ultimately wanted to land, so we took to looking up vacation rentals in various cities. One city in question was Santa Barbara. It was there that we found this charming three bedroom home which suited our family’s needs perfectly! We booked the house and began planning a stay in this beautiful city.


(Image courtesy of vacasa listing)

  • The house is located in a well-kept, safe neighborhood.
  • It provides convenient access to Arroya Burro Beach Park and State Street where you will find lots of good eateries and shops.
  • It includes all of the home ammenities that you could want. There is extra bedding available and plenty of nice, clean towels. A dishwasher is there for your convenience and also a washing machine and dryer should you find yourself with the need.
  • The kitchen is well stocked and includes a generous spice rack and cooking oil which we very much appreciated!
  • The house is incredibly CLEAN which is always greatly appreciated!


(Image courtesy of Vacasa Listing)

  • A watering system is set to come on at 3 a.m. at various times during the week. It only came on once during our stay but it was quiet loud and kept us up for a bit. As we usually travel with white noise machines, the children slept right through it and so we didn’t count this a major problem but it was an issue.*

The pictures above do not lie. And as you can see, the pros outweigh the one cons and we would have no hesitations about renting this house again.

Vacasa notes that this house has recently been remodeled and it shows. Everything inside is simple, beautiful and (again!) clean. (Love the clean!)

If you are looking for a place to stay in Santa Barbara, we strongly encourage looking this place up!

* Upon returning from our trip we were sent a survey questionnaire to fill out concerning our stay at the house. We mentioned the watering system to them and they offered their sincerest of apologies and said that they would work to correct that problem.

Things to do in Santa Barbara: