On our recent visit to Prince Edward Island, we did our best to find some of the less “touristy” spots, and one that we planned in advance to see was Thunder Cove, just east of Cabot Park. Although Thunder Cove itself is not recognized as an official park or recreational area, we found it to be an enchanting spot, with some of the most unique sandstone cliffs and formations on the whole island.

Thunder Cove Arch & Haystack
Prince Edward Island is famous for its bold, red sandstone cliffs, which make a vibrant display against the deep blue waters of their coastline, and Thunder Cove delivers this type of scenery in spectacular fashion!

PEI’s sandstone experiences severe erosion during their stormy winter and spring seasons, and it’s estimated that about 3 feet of their coastline surrounding the island is lost every year due to this effect. This process also creates dramatic landscapes along the coast, where arches, cliffs, haystacks, and sandstone caves can be found.

Thunder Cove sandstone caves

Photos really don’t do justice to the experience of visiting Thunder Cove and seeing these sights firsthand – we discovered new perspectives and landscapes around every corner, with each more unique and beautiful than the last.

Thunder Cove, PEI - haystack

We arrived at low tide, which made walking down the sandy beaches much more accessible, as PEI’s water level at high tide splashes up against the cliffs in spots, making it harder to navigate. (We could see trails where visitors had climbed up and around the sandstone areas to explore further, but, given the rapid erosion and instabilities of the sandstone, opted not to be too adventurous ourselves!)

Returning to the grassy top of the bluffs overlooking Thunder Cape, it’s easy to see how the landscape is shifting over time.

Looking back at our time spent on the island, we are so glad to have taken the time to explore Thunder Cove. It’s nestled near residential areas and is clearly a popular spot with the locals, as we encountered a variety of individuals using the beach, sunbathing, etc. who seemed much more accustomed to the amazing scenery than we were.

Directions to this spot can be hard to find, but we reached this beach area by parking at the northern turnoff of Thunder Cove Rd in Kensington, PEI, before the road curves east toward Morrisons Pond.