DSC_0342A few weeks back we were in Portland, Oregon on a Saturday morning. We decided to check out their famed Farmers Market (which everyone in the state references as being absolutely fantastic). There are many Farmers Markets which take place around the city; we visited the one held on the campus of Portland State University. We live in a small(er) town in Oregon and regularly attend our local market which, although impressive, rather pales in comparison to what you will find in Portland. Foodies of the world, take yourself to Portland and eat!

We walked onto the campus thinking we would find a small area devoted to the market. Boy, were we ever wrong! Over the course of the year, this market hosts around 200 venders. Thankfully we had allotted a fair amount of time to browse around, and also to have lunch.

Here is just a taste of what you can expect in visiting:

  • Black Sheep Bakery, specializing in vegan, wheat-free and/or gluten-free pastries.
  • Golden Artisan Goat Cheese, rustic cheeses that are inspired by the cheeses produced in remote French villages.
  • Temptress Truffles, selling all types of wild harvested forest edibles, from mushrooms to huckleberries, and of course truffles!
  • Unger Farms, Inc., known best for their strawberries.
  • Willamette Valley Cheese, made from all jersey cows milk and Sheep milk (and our personal favorite).
  • Lavender Haven – a variety of products made with or from lavender.
  • Blossom Vinegars – Fruited vinegars.

We stuffed our bags full of things like maraschino cherries, lavender sugar, flavored vinegars and other tasty treats to be used with our own local produce back at home. What a fun shopping experience! What a beautiful market, as the pictures below can attest.






We stopped and had lunch at Portland Curry Co. and were not at all disappointed! Portland Curry Co. is a Portland based catering company who are concerned with using fresh, local ingredients. All of their Indian curries are made from scratch and it’s obvious. The taste of their dishes were out of this world delicious! Note: they also serve several gluten free and vegan options as well.


While we were eating we were entertained by this fellow who had a nice group of kids and parents surrounding him, admiring his performance.


You’ll definitely see a lot of children at this market as they also offer children’s cooking classes (which is such an awesome idea).


We definitely felt as if we got A Portland Experience by visiting the market. We were absolutely glad that we went and highly recommend any traveler making the time to enjoy a market if in town. Here again are a list of farmers markets in the Portland area.