During our time in England we made the historic town of Woodstock our home for a few weeks. Woodstock is a small village, boasting around 3,000 residents. About 30 minutes away from Oxford, it is a perfect place to spend a quiet evening following a busy travel day. We loved Woodstock both as a launching pad for day trips in the area, as well as for providing a relaxing place to stroll about.

The guest house in which we stayed had several travel pamphlets available for perusal, one of which featured the Oxfordshire museum, located in the heart of Woodstock. If you are traveling with kids, we’d have to say that this regional museum is a “don’t miss.” Admission is free which is somewhat unbelievable given the large amount of interactive exhibits and things to see.

Mom and two of the kids spent a morning exploring the museum while the rest of the family remained at the house recovering from a cold. Those left behind definitely felt as if they missed out but the two kids who went absolutely loved it.

The museum tour begins in the learning center where you can see a multitude of historical artifacts discovered locally by archeologists. At the time of our visit there was a display on the history of farming in the region. The kids loved the hands-on activities and mom loved the notes and explanations.



Dinosaurs were found in the region and the subject is highlighted within the museum. Indoors you’ll find an interactive gallery with coloring pages, books to read, and dinosaurs to feed. (The dinosaurs roar when you feed them. Perfection.) Kids can also dress up like dinosaurs and put on their own puppet shows. This was wildly popular.

Once outdoors, you and yours can explore the Dinosaur Gardens. Maps are available for children to use as they explore the garden, finding dinosaurs hiding in plants. Find out which dinosaurs were plant eaters and which were meat eaters as you move along.



We had a wonderful time!

Check out the Oxfordshire Museum website for more information about exhibits and activities available. If you’re in the area and can make the stop then we’d definitely recommend it. Normally we skip regional museums, but skipping this one would have been a mistake!