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Adventures in Travel with Kids

Traveling to Seoul with Children: Travel Tips


Where to begin? Earlier this year our family took a two week trip to South Korea. Our time was concentrated in Seoul where we found plenty to keep us occupied. Ours is a large family, most certainly by South Korean standards, and we weren’t sure what to expect regarding our reception. We certainly received a […]

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Take the Adventure (Even if they don’t remember it.)


When we decided that we wanted to start taking trips as a family – even trips overseas – one of the chief arguments against doing so that we heard was, “But they won’t remember it!” The idea behind that statement is that there’s some money being put into these excursions and it could be deemed “wasteful” […]

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Hiking Benham Falls Trail, Sunriver, Oregon


Our family recently planned a trip to Sunriver, Oregon. Meaning, we planned to go there but we didn’t take the time to plan what we would do or see while in the area (as is our usual habit). We’re typically big on planning and preparedness but in this case, we decided to fly by the […]

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