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Traveling to Seoul with Children: Travel Tips


Where to begin? Earlier this year our family took a two week trip to South Korea. Our time was concentrated in Seoul where we found plenty to keep us occupied. Ours is a large family, most certainly by South Korean standards, and we weren’t sure what to expect regarding our reception. We certainly received a […]

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Puffin Tours, Reykjavic Sea Adventures


One of the things that we thought would be fun to do when visiting Reykjavic was to go on a boat tour to see the puffins. The kids loved the idea and we didn’t at all dislike it. There was a fair amount of pleasure in thinking about seeing these birds up close. Despite our good […]

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Traveling to Iceland with Children: Travel Tips


We weren’t really sure what to expect when we visited Iceland. It wasn’t a stop that was on our original travel itinerary but we made it so after discovering that Icelandair offers layovers for up to 7 nights at no extra airfare cost (as explained in a previous post). We decided to stop over in […]

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Icelandair: A Review


A couple of years ago we began making plans to visit England as a family. When the time came to book airfare for our trip, we braced ourselves for the cost and began exploring options. Like many others, we’ve become rather picky about which airlines we will fly with. We’ve flown enough now to know which airlines […]

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Reading and Travel

Connecting to the past. (2013 trip)
Moscow City Cemetery
Moscow, Idaho

  We all know that reading is good for us, right? (I’m not asking if you like to read, just if you know that it’s good for you.) Reading expands the mind, challenges and shapes thoughts, entertains, delights, compels and changes a person. Our family loves to read – a fact I am quite thankful for, […]

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Road Trip with Kids (Travel Tips)

Road trip with kids? Are you kidding me? It’s a pet peeve of ours that society today suffers from an impression that a.) your life is over once you have kids and b.) you can’t do anything fun once they are here. Neither of these beliefs are true. Your life begins being really fun and more […]

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Traveling Hwy 101 With Kids


We live in Oregon and some members of our family live down in Southern California. Usually when we drive to visit them, we travel I-5. We go that route because it’s faster, not for the view. I get that some people might really enjoy wide open spaces and a lot of brown terrain but I’m […]

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Travel Tips: Coming Home

We are eagerly anticipating some upcoming travels around these parts. Our internet browser has about a half dozen tabs open encouraging us to visit certain attractions and locations on our planned route. There is always great excitement in preparing for a new trip because you never really know what might happen (although you sorta hope to […]

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“Do”s and “Don’t”s: Tips for Visiting South Korea


Social Customs Always be ready to greet people with a cheerful “Annyeonghaseyo” and thank them with “Kamsahamnida“ Bow when greeting people; the more important they are, the deeper you should bow. Any kind of service staff, grocery clerks, restaurant staff, etc. should be acknowledged with at least an intentional nod of the head. Avoid blowing your nose […]

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