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Adventures in Prince Edward Island

Exploring & Photographing Prince Edward Island


I’m not going to lie. My chief interest in Prince Edward Island has always been Lucy Maud Montgomery. She painted pictures in my imaginations from a very early age of what this Island looked and felt like. My interest in the place as grown as I’ve aged. Over 15 years ago I was able to visit […]

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Orwell Corner Historical Village, Prince Edward Island


Are you visiting Prince Edward Island? Put this place on your list, if you haven’t done so already. Orwell Corner Historical Village was admittedly a last minute choice for us on our recent visit to the Island. We had an unplanned day and wanted to explore the Eastern side of the Island. A quick internet search […]

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North Cape Lighthouse and Wind Energy Farm, PEI

North Cape Wind Farm

North Cape, Prince Edward Island, hosts some of the most unique and varied scenery of the island. One of the most windy spots in North America, it was chosen for the site of the Wind Energy Institute of Canada, which has introduced a large wind farm of turbines to generate electricity for PEI, along with […]

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Exploring Charlottetown, PEI


One of our days on Prince Edward Island was spent exploring Charlottetown. This was the only day of our visit that the weather was kinda iffy. There was a light drizzle for a bit in the afternoon but the rest of the day remained clear and we enjoyed our time there. When we are exploring […]

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Briarcliffe Inn, Prince Edward Island


Briarcliffe Inn was one of the most delightful and pleasant surprises on our stay at Prince Edward Island. Although really, it shouldn’t have been that surprising. It’s just that we didn’t really pay a lot of attention to what type of place we were going to stay at during the second half of our stay […]

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The Harbour Hippo in Charlottetown, PEI

Harbour Hippo

If you spend much time in Charlottetown, you will doubtless be familiar with this unmistakeable vehicle on the streets and plowing the waters near the Charlottetown Harbor! We decided on join the Harbour Hippo on a mid-day excursion when it looked like rain might be on the way, and wanted to see the local sights […]

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Thunder Cove Sandstone Formations & Cliffs on Prince Edward Island

Thunder Cove Arch & Haystack

On our recent visit to Prince Edward Island, we did our best to find some of the less “touristy” spots, and one that we planned in advance to see was Thunder Cove, just east of Cabot Park. Although Thunder Cove itself is not recognized as an official park or recreational area, we found it to be […]

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Exploring Greenwich at Prince Edward Island Nat’l Park


Prince Edward Island National Park covers a long stretch of disconnected coastline along the northern border of PEI. Its easternmost segment, Greenwich, is located on a peninsula bordering St. Peter’s Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Greenwich is the site of some of the island’s most impressive sand dunes, and access to a beautiful beach as well as […]

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Visiting Prince Edward Island


For our tenth wedding anniversary we decided to visit Prince Edward Island which is located on the Eastern side of Canada. It is Canada’s smallest province, boasting roughly 140,000 residents. It is frequently called the “Garden of the Gulf” and it deserves the name. Located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Island is a feast […]

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Dalvay By The Sea in Prince Edward Island


We recently returned from a week long 10th Anniversary getaway to Prince Edward Island which was amazing in every way that you can possibly imagine. It was indeed above and beyond anything we could have hoped our vacation experience to be. Now, I am a big fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery. I’ve read everything that she […]

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