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Adventures in Northwest

Hiking Ross Creek Cedars, Kootenai National Forest (Montana)


During our stay in Northern Idaho, we made a day trip over to Montana (just because we could) and explored the Ross Creek Cedars area outside of Libby. The main trail is a loop, a little less than 1 mile long. Perfect for kids, this is a fantastic and beautiful spot to stop and explore, […]

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Cape Meares Lighthouse & Wildlife Refuge


One of our favorite things about visiting any coastline is the opportunity to see and tour lighthouses. There is just something so magical and haunting about a lighthouse. Suffice it to say, whenever we find ourselves near one, we can’t resist getting as close to it as possible. We realized mid-trip that Cape Meares State […]

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Covered Bridge Tour, Scio, Oregon


A friend of ours was telling us about a Covered Bridge driving tour which their family had done a few months back. Curious, we asked her where it was located and she passed along this tour information. We hopped in the car, off on a date night adventure, armed with cameras and plenty of time […]

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The Portland Farmers Market, Portland, Oregon


A few weeks back we were in Portland, Oregon on a Saturday morning. We decided to check out their famed Farmers Market (which everyone in the state references as being absolutely fantastic). There are many Farmers Markets which take place around the city; we visited the one held on the campus of Portland State University. […]

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Our Experience in Silverton, Oregon


We hate to give negative reviews. We really do. But this experience was just something else. We can’t say it was altogether bad but it certainly wasn’t altogether good. For a few years now we’ve been hearing about how great Silverton, Oregon is. “It’s so cute!” is the going refrain and with this we cannot […]

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Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, Oregon


We recently visited the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. Located in the historic Old Town Chinatown District, we consider this a place not to miss seeing if you are ever in Portland. The garden was built by Chinese artisans from Portland’s sister city, Suzhou. It is reported to be one of the most […]

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Visiting Lava Butte at Lava Lands near Bend, OR

Lava Butte at Lava Lands

  On a recent trip to Bend and Sunriver, Oregon, we spent an afternoon visiting Lava Butte, a cinder cone on the northern border of the massive Newberry Volcano (stretching 20 miles in diameter!). From the Lava Lands Visitor Center entrance, we walked the “Trail of Molten Lava”, about 1 mile round trip (lots of ups and […]

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Hiking Smith Rock near Bend, OR

Smith Rock

On a recent family tour of Bend and Sunriver in central Oregon, we stopped for a day at Smith Rock State Park to take in the incredible landscape and get some hiking in. This was a trip of many discoveries for us, not having spent much time in the area previously, and Smith Rock was […]

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Travel Quotes


Here are some of our favorite travel quotes accompanying some of our favorite images captured on our recent vacation to central Oregon. You are welcome to use these, we’d just ask that you credit the photos back to teafirst.com. Enjoy!        

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Adventuring at Home


We can’t travel all the time. There’s that thing about having to work a little and take care of the home front periodically. (Bummer, eh?) We like to keep the adventurous spirit alive though, even if we aren’t going far from home. One of the things we enjoy is exploring the area we live in. […]

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