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Adventures in Hiking

Hiking Ross Creek Cedars, Kootenai National Forest (Montana)


During our stay in Northern Idaho, we made a day trip over to Montana (just because we could) and explored the Ross Creek Cedars area outside of Libby. The main trail is a loop, a little less than 1 mile long. Perfect for kids, this is a fantastic and beautiful spot to stop and explore, […]

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Hiking Kootenai Falls/Swinging Bridge in Libby, MT


Hike location: Kootenai Falls & Swinging Bridge. Our family recently went on a road trip from our home in Oregon to western Montana. We were visiting some friends in Northern Idaho and they suggested a particular hike at Kootenai Falls. It’s one of their favorite places to take friends so how could we pass it […]

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Hiking along Opal Creek and Jawbone Flats, OR, to Opal Pool

Waterfalls at Opal Creek

We have been doing our best to uncover some of the more unique, out-of-the-way places around the Willamette Valley, sometimes with more success than others. Hiking along Opal Creek turned out to be absolutely stellar, and we’re so glad to have made a visit to this amazing area! In the foothills of the cascades, about […]

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Cascadia State Park, Oregon


It rains a lot in Oregon. A lot. At the beginning of summer you’ll see lots of bright white people walking around outside. (It’s an almost blinding effect.) There is an eagerness in the air to spend the entirety of summer (if at all possible) out-of-doors, trying to get some of our color back. We have […]

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Hiking Smith Rock near Bend, OR

Smith Rock

On a recent family tour of Bend and Sunriver in central Oregon, we stopped for a day at Smith Rock State Park to take in the incredible landscape and get some hiking in. This was a trip of many discoveries for us, not having spent much time in the area previously, and Smith Rock was […]

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Hiking the Gaviota Wind Caves near Santa Barbara, CA

Gaviota Wind Caves

Backtracking a little to our California adventures earlier in the year, we realized that we had never talked about our hike to see the Cagiota Wind Caves. This is definitely a hike worth mentioning. The Gaviota Wind Caves emerge from the mountains cradling Hwy 101 west of Santa Barbara, CA. The pockmarked sandstone face of the […]

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Hiking Benham Falls Trail, Sunriver, Oregon


Our family recently planned a trip to Sunriver, Oregon. Meaning, we planned to go there but we didn’t take the time to plan what we would do or see while in the area (as is our usual habit). We’re typically big on planning and preparedness but in this case, we decided to fly by the […]

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