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Traveling to Iceland with Children: Travel Tips


We weren’t really sure what to expect when we visited Iceland. It wasn’t a stop that was on our original travel itinerary but we made it so after discovering that Icelandair offers layovers for up to 7 nights at no extra airfare cost (as explained in a previous post). We decided to stop over in […]

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Iceland’s “Golden Circle” Bus Tour


Reykjavik, the home of most of Iceland’s population (and thriving tourism industry), sits within an hour or two’s drive of three geological features that it’s renowned for: Gullfoss, Geysir and Þingvellir. (That odd-looking first character ‘Þ’ is not a ‘P’; it’s actually pronounced like ‘th’.) We made a stopover in Iceland for a few days […]

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Whales of Iceland: Reykjavik’s Giants of the Sea


  With a few days in Reykjavik during a stopover en route from the U.S. to England, one item we’d planned on our agenda was seeing the recently-opened Whales of Iceland exhibit. The Reykjavik downtown area is fairly compact, stretching across about 2 miles of coastline, and we chose to make the walk to the […]

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Icelandair: A Review


A couple of years ago we began making plans to visit England as a family. When the time came to book airfare for our trip, we braced ourselves for the cost and began exploring options. Like many others, we’ve become rather picky about which airlines we will fly with. We’ve flown enough now to know which airlines […]

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Visiting the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, OR

Columbia River Maritime Museum

Traveling along the Oregon coast on a recent weekend getaway, we made it to the northwest corner of the state, in Astoria, and took the family to the Columbia River Maritime Museum for an afternoon. Wow, were we in for an experience! We were blown away (no pun intended… you have been to the Oregon […]

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Cannon Beach, Oregon


Cannon Beach has to be one of Oregon’s most famous and iconic beaches, made so by Haystack Rock which you might have seen featured prominently in several hundreds of photographs. We’d been before but we didn’t recall having children with us at the time, so we made it a point to stop and see the […]

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Fort Clatsop National Historic Park


Our family recently made another trek over to the Oregon Coast. This time we explored the area between Rockaway and Astoria. We’d never spent much time in Astoria before and wanted to make it to a couple of specific places, one of which was Fort Clatsop National Historic Park. Fort Clatsop is the place where Lewis, […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Travel With Your Kids


As you might have guessed from the fact that this blog exists in the first place, we think traveling with children is not only doable, but also a valuable experience. We don’t think it’s valuable just for the kids, but for their parents (us!) as well. We’ve talked before about how we didn’t really see […]

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Family Vacation to Bend, Oregon


Our family recently returned from a family vacation to Bend, Oregon. Bend had never really been on our radar before but we were looking for a “quick getaway” and, having never been, we thought we should give it a try. Bend had not been a place we’d considered much because it seemed that everyone who […]

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Weekend at “9 Cottonwood” Sunriver Rental House


There are no shortage of VRBO and other rental properties in Sunriver, Oregon – apparently the ideal spot for many families to own a “second home”. Sunriver is a small town that has a flavor all to its own, with a very consistent design throughout it and a particular aesthetic that sets it apart. (Truthfully, we don’t […]

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