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Adventures in England

Visiting The Kilns, Oxford, England


Visiting the former home of C.S. Lewis was an absolute dream. This was high on our list of priorities when visiting England as we’re rather big fans of Lewis in general, and his Narnia series, specifically. In fact, four of our children bear Narnian names and so it was with great enthusiasm that we hoped to […]

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Visiting Tewkesbury


When we traveled to England, our family stayed near the Cotswolds with the plan to take some easy day trips to explore the local towns and villages. One of the places we had our eyes on was Tewkesbury. a medieval market town. The day we went it happened to rain, but this was England and we pressed on to […]

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Oxford River Cruises

Oxford's River Thames

On a recent vacation where we stayed in Woodstock and had some time to spend in nearby Oxford, we chose to take our family on the “Oxford Experience” cruise to see part of the city from a different perspective. The cruise departs from Folly Bridge on a small island right in the center of the […]

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The Oxforshire Museum, Woodstock, UK


During our time in England we made the historic town of Woodstock our home for a few weeks. Woodstock is a small village, boasting around 3,000 residents. About 30 minutes away from Oxford, it is a perfect place to spend a quiet evening following a busy travel day. We loved Woodstock both as a launching […]

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Blenheim Palace: A Family Experience


Our family recently spent a little under a month traveling around England. We planned to stay in three separate sections of the country during that time, the majority of which was carved out for exploring Oxfordshire. We selected the historic town of Woodstock for our first “home base” which is right next to Blenheim Palace. […]

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Reading and Travel

Connecting to the past. (2013 trip)
Moscow City Cemetery
Moscow, Idaho

  We all know that reading is good for us, right? (I’m not asking if you like to read, just if you know that it’s good for you.) Reading expands the mind, challenges and shapes thoughts, entertains, delights, compels and changes a person. Our family loves to read – a fact I am quite thankful for, […]

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