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Adventures in California

Hiking the Gaviota Wind Caves near Santa Barbara, CA

Gaviota Wind Caves

Backtracking a little to our California adventures earlier in the year, we realized that we had never talked about our hike to see the Cagiota Wind Caves. This is definitely a hike worth mentioning. The Gaviota Wind Caves emerge from the mountains cradling Hwy 101 west of Santa Barbara, CA. The pockmarked sandstone face of the […]

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Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara made for a fantastic February getaway from a rainy winter in the Pacific Northwest, and we visited the local Botanic Gardens as part of our visit. You might think, as we did, that February’s not the ideal time for viewing flowers, but we were very pleasantly surprised to discover lots of beautiful landscapes […]

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Visiting Solvang, CA


On our recent trip to California we decided would take a day to walk around the town of Solvang. We enjoy experiencing different cultures and while this didn’t take us out of our own country, it offered us a tiny little taste of Denmark. Sometimes, doing something a little outside of the norm is exactly what […]

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The Land Shark: Santa Barbara Tour on Land & Sea


On our recent trip to Santa Barbara we discovered a way to see the town unlike anything we’ve ever done before – the “Land Shark” tour. Boarding an amphibious vehicle, we spent the first 45 minutes inland cruising by the local sights, and then were driven straight down the boat ramp and into the Pacific Ocean! The Land Shark is […]

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Vacation Rental in Santa Barbara


As mentioned previously, our family enjoys finding vacation rentals to stay at when we travel. We find it makes things a lot more pleasant when you have your own space to relax in. Everyone usually gets a better night’s sleep, which makes day times – and travel in general – infinitely easier (especially where small children […]

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Traveling Hwy 101 With Kids


We live in Oregon and some members of our family live down in Southern California. Usually when we drive to visit them, we travel I-5. We go that route because it’s faster, not for the view. I get that some people might really enjoy wide open spaces and a lot of brown terrain but I’m […]

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Visiting Jack London State Historic Park


We recently took a road trip down to Southern California and this time we opted to travel the Hwy 101 route. In researching travel options I noticed that we would be very close to the Jack London State Historic Park. Part of our travel prep always includes quite a bit of reading (we love to read) and […]

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