On our most recent trip to the Oregon coast, we decided to take the family out on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. We’d been eyeing this trip as a possibility for some time and finally felt that the kids were old enough to really appreciate and enjoy it.


In operation since 2003, this is a registered non-profit museum organization (501c3) operated by a staff of volunteers who seem to really love what they do. Their usual summer route takes guests on about a seven mile stretch of track between Gairbaldi and Rockaway Beach, with a 30 minute layover in each destination. (This is a brilliant way to boost the local economy, as it allows people to walk each town a little bit, pop into shops, and/or grab a treat at a local bakery.)

A round trip excursion on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad is roughly 2 hours in length, which is absolutely perfect for kids. We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. It was fun to take in some coastal scenes via train.


Things to note:

  • Seats are first come, first served. You are welcome to sit near the front of the train in an open air car to experience both the wind and the whistle, or you can sit inside a passenger car. We did both, moving inside for the second half of our journey.
  • The train whistle is rather loud and is blown quite frequently. For those with sensitive ears (like small children, for instance) you might want to consider riding inside. There are windows which you can open for a little fresh air. We found the journey to be quite comfortable.
  • Dogs are welcome onto the train but there is a request that they ride in the open air car. We had two dogs accompany us on our visit and neither were a problem. We did notice that one of the dogs was quite distressed each time the train whistle went off so you’ll want to consider that if your dog does not like loud noises.
  • There are discounts available for children and seniors. See their website for more pricing information.
  • They allow for passengers to ride in the engine for an extra fee (to cover insurance costs). Inquire with them to find out more about that option. We weren’t aware of it at the time, or we would have taken advantage of that!

We really did had an amazing time on our excursion and this train ride was one of the top highlights of our trip. (Actually, this was the event our entire trip was based around so we’re extra, extra glad to have enjoyed it! Ha!) It is positively delightful and relaxing to ride aboard an old steam engine and watch the world go by. We not only highly recommend this trip but will be looking for more train rides just like this to enjoy as a family.

Thank you, Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, for a fantastic time!