North Cape Wind Farm

North Cape Lighthouse, PEINorth Cape, Prince Edward Island, hosts some of the most unique and varied scenery of the island. One of the most windy spots in North America, it was chosen for the site of the Wind Energy Institute of Canada, which has introduced a large wind farm of turbines to generate electricity for PEI, along with an interpretive center for visitors to learn about the operations there and how they are exploring new advancements in wind technology. (This includes a system being tested for storing wind energy in the form of hydrogen, using holding tanks, so that wind-based power can be relied on 24/7, even during calm weather.)

North Cape also features an lighthouse that has continue its operation for nearly 150 years, at the northernmost point of Prince Edward Island. While this lighthouse once made for a picturesque scene, it’s now dwarfed by a radio tower built right next to it, and surrounded by a large fence. So, more natural-looking photos like the one on the right require careful composition!

The northern extent of PEI is surrounded by a long natural rock reef, which is easy to access and explore at low tide. You can see first-hand the effects of erosion on the island from the harsh winter storms, and find seashells, marine creatures, and beautiful sandstone formations all through the area.


The rich colors of freshly exposed sandstone give the reef a natural, picturesque quality.


Wind turbines are visible from many parts of North Cape, and hiking trails extend through many different environments, including meadows, woods, farmland, as well as some areas of the wind farm, to give you a sense of PEI’s scenic variety. Arriving at low tide, our favorite views were from the base of the cliffs around the rocks surrounding the shoreline.