A couple of years ago we began making plans to visit England as a family. When the time came to book airfare for our trip, we braced ourselves for the cost and began exploring options. Like many others, we’ve become rather picky about which airlines we will fly with. We’ve flown enough now to know which airlines are notoriously running behind schedule or suffer from too frequently from “technical issues”. We’ve narrowed down our oversea flight options to two particular airlines, neither of which were Icelandair. Truthfully, we didn’t realize it existed.

Icelandair recently opened up a new flight into Portland, Oregon and so they ended up on our radar. We researched them a little and discovered a high rating and what appeared to be excellent service for those traveling with children. Furthermore, they offered a fantastic little deal if you purchased airfare with them: a layover in Iceland for up to seven nights at no additional airfare expense. That definitely caught our attention! Iceland was not a country we had ever really thought of visiting before but it seemed a sorry thing not to take advantage of their layover offer. Between their non-stop flight option out of Portland, the layover, and excellent prices, we just couldn’t say no! We booked airfare and managed to squeeze in three additional days of travel to visit Iceland. No, it wasn’t a long visit – but a short visit to Iceland is better than no visit at all!

Icelandair provided exceptional service to and from our final destination (England). We walked onboard the clean aircraft and were immediately handed a complimentary bottle of Icelandic Glacier Spring Water which is some of the finest water in the world. (Not to make a big deal out of it or anything, but it was rather good.) The kids were given complimentary headphones and activity packs to help keep them entertained on the seven hour flight from Portland to Reykjavic. Screens are on the back sides of each chair and there is a good selection of videos and television shows for the individual traveler to choose from on the flight. Meals are provided at no additional charge to children. Adults may purchase a meal on board if desired.

Each of our four flights on our trip took off and landed on time and the flight attendants were extremely friendly and attentive. Chiefly, our kids were not treated as an inconvenience, but were welcomed with special amenities which just made the travel experience all that much easier for everyone. We would say that Icelandair really went above and beyond in taking care of kids and families. We give them high marks when it comes to their service, but more to their attitude towards children on planes. In a day and age where children are eyed suspiciously the moment they approach an airplane, it was nice to be made welcome. (Our kids were – and are!  – great travelers and “performed” splendidly!)

Would we fly Icelandair again? Yes. Anytime the option is available. They are on our short list and we thank them for the fantastic family flying experience!