During our stay in Northern Idaho, we made a day trip over to Montana (just because we could) and explored the Ross Creek Cedars area outside of Libby. The main trail is a loop, a little less than 1 mile long. Perfect for kids, this is a fantastic and beautiful spot to stop and explore, should you get the chance.


We spent about an hour, climbing around, over and through trees. The kids had a total blast running and jumping all about the terrain. Our family visited on a Saturday and there were a fair number of people out on the trail, but the trail is extensive and wide enough that it didn’t feel overly crowded. Note that dogs are welcome (leashed) and strollers are possible but difficult to maneuver in spots. Our young stroller rider experienced a few thrills when the pathway proved a little rocky and bumpy. She laughed while we sweated it out. It would be easier to carry a baby than to try to use the stroller on this path, if you are able.


There aren’t any major shifts in elevation on this trail and so it proves more of a relaxing stroll through ancient woods more than anything else. Some of the trees here are over 500 years old and are sight to see! There are plenty of hollow spaces to crawl into marvel at. All in all, we found this to be a very enjoyable hike and would highly recommend it to other families with younger children.


Although the highlight of the trail are the trees themselves, we were surprised a time or two by what we found whenever we’d turn a corner.


Note that there is a nice, paved parking area at the trail head. We found it to be a little crowded on a Saturday but still found a place to park our vehicle. The road leading to the trail is a winding one, so if you have any little people who are prone to motion sickness you might want to prepare a bit in advance and/or take the drive slow (which you should do anyway). Otherwise, go forth and enjoy!