When we traveled to Seoul, South Korea last year there was one particular place we noted on the map that we thought would be kinda cool to check out. That was? The Hello Kitty Cafe. Our daughter loves all things pink and Hello Kitty and no, she was not traveling with us. When you are parents, sometimes you go to places and take pictures simply because you know it will delight your children.

The Hello Kitty Cafe is actually a chain which can be found in various places around the globe, several being Seoul. We had something of a hard time finding it but thanks to the free wi-fi which is available pretty much all over the city (Seoul is noted for being one of the most wired cities in the world) we eventually located it. I dare say we located it just in the nick of time because after a great deal of walking, we were quite ready to sit down, grab a cold glass of something to drink, and rest for a second.

We went to the cafe that is located next to Hongik University. It is nestled back in a series of streets filled with tiny shops and lots and lots of college students. The Hello Kitty Cafe is tucked away on a side street and a dead-end road making it difficult to find, as mentioned, but its worth the effort to locate if you or someone you know loves the character. Or the color pink.

As none of our children were with us we refrained from ordering one of their fabulous Hello Kitty cakes but let me tell you there was a great deal of talk as to how we might manage to get one of those cakes home for our little girl! So. very. tempting.


Everything in the cafe is pink. PINK. A view of the second floor accommodations:


We shared a PINK strawberry milkshake and had several glasses of ice cold water besides. (We know. Not very adventurous for an outing but it was meant to be a brief, refreshing stop and it was that.)

Their menu is limited but fun for Hello Kitty fans (and weary travelers alike). They have coffee and milkshakes, ice cream and waffles, and something that looks like a grilled cheese sandwich. There is also a wall dedicated to Hello Kitty trinkets which you may purchase if you wish. (We bought a Hello Kitty cup for our daughter.)

Our kids were all excited to see where we had gone and the Hello Kitty Cafe remains fixed on their bucket list of Things to See When We All Go To Korea Together.

(Shhh…! We’re not telling them that a new Hello Kitty Cafe is set to open in Orange County, California in 2015. We’re still planning to take them to the one in Seoul!)