A month or so back we had a chance to make it up to the Beaverton area. Whenever we are in a new and/or big city, we always search out a Korean restaurant and try to arrive as hungry as possible. On this occasion we checked out G Mart, which is reported to be the best Asian grocery in Beaverton. It also boasts an eatery in the upstairs portion which is where we chose to have our dinner.

Following the cardinal rule never to shop when  hungry, we began our explorations upstairs at the Spring restaurant where we ordered massive quantities of food (and loved every bite):


In fact, we were so eager to eat it that we forgot to take a picture right away. Hence you will note half eaten food.

They make a kimchijeon (kimchi pancake) which is out-of-this-world. Their mondu was the stuff to write home about.


After eating we browsed the market and made a few purchases. (The prices we found to be excellent.)

We always love shopping at Asian groceries. There are so many unique-to-us things to try that it remains exciting. (Of course, I tend to think grocery shopping an exciting activity regardless.) We make it a challenge to find something new to try each time we visit a market.


Naturally there are always things with names which tickle our funny bone, but it’s all good.



We do not claim to be experts when it comes to Asian groceries but we will say that this is the biggest and best that we’ve been to yet in our lovely state of Oregon. It was a great experience and we would love to go back.