I’m not going to lie. My chief interest in Prince Edward Island has always been Lucy Maud Montgomery. She painted pictures in my imaginations from a very early age of what this Island looked and felt like. My interest in the place as grown as I’ve aged. Over 15 years ago I was able to visit the Island with some friends. Our chief point of interest was Cavendish and we saw little else while there.

My husband and I love photography and when we have time for just the two of us, we usually find ourselves off exploring side roads and out-of-the-way nooks and crannies with cameras in hand. We are drawn to beauty in the natural world and love the challenge of attempting to capture it through the lens. It is a challenge sometimes as the actual place or thing is usually so much more beautiful than what you see in one “simple” snapshot. Yet, we enjoy it all the same!  For our 10th anniversary we wanted to go someplace notably full of beauty and, well, I wanted to return to Prince Edward Island again. We settled on a Prince Edward Island anniversary getaway. (It wasn’t hard to make that decision.) We packed up our camera gear and enjoyed five days exploring the Island.

Although we did want to stop and see things in Cavendish I was more interested in seeing other parts of the Island. I wanted to know what made PEI so remarkable and special to Lucy Maud Montgomery. Why did she love it so?

We rented a car at the Charlottetown airport and took off exploring immediately. For five days we lingered in favorite spots, spent time talking to the locals, stopped at artisan shops, and enjoyed the fresh seafood. We also attended this Small Halls concert which was a thrilling way to spend an evening. By the end of our travels we felt like we had sampled a good portion of the Island. (Of course, you never get to see everything that you want to see. We’ll just have to go back someday!) We took hundreds of photographs of course, (actually, we took over 1,000 but we’ve pared it down considerably), and thought we would share some with you.

Hope you enjoy this Prince Edward Island Photo Sampler:


Near Cape Bear


Prince Edward Island National Park


Souris East


Christ Church. Found on North Cape Coastal drive. American sailors who perished in the “Yankee Gale” in 1851 are buried in this church’s graveyard.


West Point Lighthouse


Beach at West Point Lighthouse


Abandoned home on Points East Coastal Drive that beckoned to us.


We were here!


St. Dunstan’s Basilica in Charlottetown


Inside St. Dunstan’s Basilica, Charlottetown


Off North Cape Coastal Drive


Bottle Houses on PEI


Some abandoned homes still speak.


Orwell Corner Historical Village


French River


Cabot Beach Provincial Park

Now I feel I do know more about what made the Island so special to Lucy Maud Montgomery. It is a magical place indeed!