We recently returned from a week long 10th Anniversary getaway to Prince Edward Island which was amazing in every way that you can possibly imagine. It was indeed above and beyond anything we could have hoped our vacation experience to be.

Now, I am a big fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery. I’ve read everything that she ever wrote (yes, including her journals) and I was personally looking forward to spending a day or two on the Island immersing myself in Anne’s world. My husband is a gracious, supportive sort who was also interested in seeing the Island in all of its reported glory. As the trip revolved around our 10th anniversary, we were looking for ways to make the trip extra special. One of our choices to this end was to stay a couple of nights at Dalvay by the Sea.

Anne and Road to Avonlea fans will recognize this hotel as the “White Sands Hotel” on film. Driving up to Dalvay gave my heart a little thrill. When you have a long standing dream that comes true, it can produce a nice bit of excitement.


Staying at Dalvay By The Sea was a perfect location to begin our Prince Edward Island vacation.

Dalvay was built by a wealthy businessman by the name of Alexandar MacDonald in 1895. The lower half of the house is built with Island sandstone (which is really quite beautiful) and offers a very picturesque location in which to relax and enjoy your stay. The inside is furnished with period antiques. There are no televisions, radios or clocks in the rooms in an effort to encourage guests to relax in peaceful quiet. We absolutely loved that aspect. (Don’t fret. There is WiFi available onsite if needed.)

We booked a suite with an ocean view and as we were being shown to our room we were informed that our suite was the same which William and Kate stayed in when they visited the Island back in 2011! That was a pretty neat tidbit of information to drop on us as we settled into our room!

The room (and the view) were beyond lovely.  It was a quiet room, simply but elegantly decorated.  The bed was comfortable and faced a set of windows overlooking both the ocean and Dalvay Lake.

Here is the view from our window:


The staff at the hotel were very friendly and helpful. They welcomed us warmly into the hotel and were quick to meet our needs when we had questions or needed help. Everything was clean, neat and orderly. We were quite delighted with the hospitality extended to us while there.

Notes to consider if you are planning a trip to the Island and are thinking about booking at Dalvay:

  • Do it. Yes, it is more pricey to stay here but it is definitely worth it. There is an elegance which is unmatched anywhere else.
  • Eat at least one meal in the dining room. We had breakfast at Dalvay and were well pleased with the food. The menu was more pricey, but the serving size of the meal was generous and we left feeling very satisfied. Try their house made sausage if you have the opportunity to do so. It is delicious.
  • The area around Dalvay is great for bike riding. You can rent a bike at the hotel if you like. You can also go canoeing, kayaking or paddle boat on Dalvay Lake. Here is some additional information about rentals and activities around Dalvay.
  • Take some time to enjoy the entryway and sit by the fire. The decor is beautiful and you’ll want to take at least a few moments to sit and soak in the ambiance. During our stay, lilacs were in season all senses were engaged and delighted as we walked in the door.

Would we stay there again if ever we had the opportunity? Yes indeed. We’d also heartily recommend Dalvay to anyone interested.






Staying at Dalvay By The Sea was, in a word, perfect. As a fan of L.M. Montgomery and the films based on her works, I must say that it exceeded my imagination. Thank you, Dalvay!