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Visiting Lava Butte at Lava Lands near Bend, OR

Lava Butte at Lava Lands

  On a recent trip to Bend and Sunriver, Oregon, we spent an afternoon visiting Lava Butte, a cinder cone on the northern border of the massive Newberry Volcano (stretching 20 miles in diameter!). From the Lava Lands Visitor Center entrance, we walked the “Trail of Molten Lava”, about 1 mile round trip (lots of ups and […]

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Hiking Smith Rock near Bend, OR

Smith Rock

On a recent family tour of Bend and Sunriver in central Oregon, we stopped for a day at Smith Rock State Park to take in the incredible landscape and get some hiking in. This was a trip of many discoveries for us, not having spent much time in the area previously, and Smith Rock was […]

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Hiking the Gaviota Wind Caves near Santa Barbara, CA

Gaviota Wind Caves

Backtracking a little to our California adventures earlier in the year, we realized that we had never talked about our hike to see the Cagiota Wind Caves. This is definitely a hike worth mentioning. The Gaviota Wind Caves emerge from the mountains cradling Hwy 101 west of Santa Barbara, CA. The pockmarked sandstone face of the […]

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Travel Quotes


Here are some of our favorite travel quotes accompanying some of our favorite images captured on our recent vacation to central Oregon. You are welcome to use these, we’d just ask that you credit the photos back to teafirst.com. Enjoy!        

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Hiking Benham Falls Trail, Sunriver, Oregon


Our family recently planned a trip to Sunriver, Oregon. Meaning, we planned to go there but we didn’t take the time to plan what we would do or see while in the area (as is our usual habit). We’re typically big on planning and preparedness but in this case, we decided to fly by the […]

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Reading and Travel

Connecting to the past. (2013 trip)
Moscow City Cemetery
Moscow, Idaho

  We all know that reading is good for us, right? (I’m not asking if you like to read, just if you know that it’s good for you.) Reading expands the mind, challenges and shapes thoughts, entertains, delights, compels and changes a person. Our family loves to read – a fact I am quite thankful for, […]

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Review: Family on the Loose, by Bill Richards and E. Ashley Steel


We are newbies in the world of international travel, figuring out how to make a go of hopping ’round the world with our four children (ages 8 and under). We’re excited to do it but we have much to learn. Like every other traveling fiend, we’ve spent a fair amount of time browsing the internet and […]

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We Never Really Liked to Travel

Side street where our hotel was located in Seoul, South Korea. Turn right, go down two blocks and you'll find the best Korean BBQ lamb in the known universe.

We have to confess to you (in case you aren’t personally acquainted with us) that we are not that adventurous when it comes to,  well, anything really. If you hold to the idea that birth order plays a factor in behaviors then you should know that both parents in this household are firstborns with all of […]

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Adventuring at Home


We can’t travel all the time. There’s that thing about having to work a little and take care of the home front periodically. (Bummer, eh?) We like to keep the adventurous spirit alive though, even if we aren’t going far from home. One of the things we enjoy is exploring the area we live in. […]

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Road Trip with Kids (Travel Tips)

Road trip with kids? Are you kidding me? It’s a pet peeve of ours that society today suffers from an impression that a.) your life is over once you have kids and b.) you can’t do anything fun once they are here. Neither of these beliefs are true. Your life begins being really fun and more […]

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