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The Land Shark: Santa Barbara Tour on Land & Sea


On our recent trip to Santa Barbara we discovered a way to see the town unlike anything we’ve ever done before – the “Land Shark” tour. Boarding an amphibious vehicle, we spent the first 45 minutes inland cruising by the local sights, and then were driven straight down the boat ramp and into the Pacific Ocean! The Land Shark is […]

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Traveling Hwy 101 With Kids


We live in Oregon and some members of our family live down in Southern California. Usually when we drive to visit them, we travel I-5. We go that route because it’s faster, not for the view. I get that some people might really enjoy wide open spaces and a lot of brown terrain but I’m […]

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Travel Q&A With the Kids

We recently sat down and asked the children in our family (the ones capable of speech) some questions regarding our traveling experiences. It’s always interesting to hear about what they most enjoyed, in part so that we can tailor future trips more to their liking. We thought we’d share their responses with you for the […]

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Our Review: Legoland Discovery Center in Kansas City, MO


We stayed an extra day in Kansas City during a recent trip so that we could experience the Legoland Discovery Center. Never having been to another one (or to a full-scale Legoland) it’s hard to make a comparison, but with a family full of Lego enthusiasts we did not expect to be disappointed. Unfortunately, we […]

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Our Review: Exploration Place in Wichita, KS


We arrived at Exploration Place for the simple reason that, of their “Museums On The River” (including a living history museum, art gallery, and more), it was the best option that was open on Veteran’s Day when we were passing through. We were on a fairly tight schedule and spent less than 2 hours there (and […]

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Visiting the Sierra Silver Mine in Wallace, ID

Mine Blasting

On a recent trip with the kids to stay in Couer d’Alene, Idaho, we took a 45-minute drive east to visit the little town of Wallace. It turned out to be a charming, picturesque town with a fascinating history. Active as a mining town since the 1800’s, about a century ago it was practically destroyed […]

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Visiting Port Angeles on the Washington Coast: Part II


Yesterday I told you about what took us up to Port Angeles and what our opinion of the town was. Today I’ll share some things which we really enjoyed seeing and doing along the Northern Washington coast line. I’m more of an “off the beaten path” sort of traveler myself, preferring to ignore the “tourist […]

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Gyeongbukgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea

Gyeongbukgung Palace Garden

I’ll get the preliminaries out of the way first… here is how to pronounce “Gyeongbokgung”, only you must say it about 300% faster to sound convincing!) Seoul, South Korea, is dotted with royal palaces that have been built (and rebuilt) throughout the country’s turbulent history. The Joseon Dynasty left five grand palaces near the heart […]

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