Cannon Beach has to be one of Oregon’s most famous and iconic beaches, made so by Haystack Rock which you might have seen featured prominently in several hundreds of photographs. We’d been before but we didn’t recall having children with us at the time, so we made it a point to stop and see the sights.


Cannon Beach is probably the most crowded beach we’ve ever been on in Oregon. (Apparently word got out that it’s gorgeous.) We’ve spent a fair amount of time at the coast but this was the first time we were dodging people as we attempted to take some photographs. There are a lot of hotels in the area and it is quite the popular resort spot!

We arrived at the beach at low tide (because that’s our favorite time to be at any beach) and because we’d recently discovered that Tufted Puffins are said to nest on Haystack Rock. We were hoping to get as close a look at Haystock Rock as possible so that we could catch a glimpse of the puffins. Unfortunately, we failed to see a single one. That was a little disappointing (for the mother) but there was plenty of beach to explore and our kids are more about building castles in the sand than anything else.


We spent awhile on the beach itself, being chased by waves and getting as much sand in our shoes as possible, before heading back into the town of Cannon Beach. If you are hungry after all of your beach play, there are several dining options to choose from and, quite frankly, all of them looked delicious. We made our way to Schwieterts Cones and Candy to load up on salt water taffy, which is our regular coastal treat and one which the children always look forward to eating. The parents appreciated the fact that Schwieterts offers a variety of sugar free options which was what we were looking for! (Because we’re no fun that way.)

If you are looking for things to do and see in Cannon Beach, check out their official website.

Ours was a quick stop, but an enjoyable one. We wouldn’t say it’s our favorite beach in Oregon, simply because of the crowds. We prefer things a little bit more quiet and “lonely” but nonetheless were glad to have the chance to stop and experience it, even if for just a little while.