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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Travel Q&A With the Kids

We recently sat down and asked the children in our family (the ones capable of speech) some questions regarding our traveling experiences. It’s always interesting to hear about what they most enjoyed, in part so that we can tailor future trips more to their liking. We thought we’d share their responses with you for the […]

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Day Trip: A Morning Drive


Ok, technically I was not day tripping just to watch the sunrise. In fact, to be honest, I never watch it rise. I prefer for the sun to watch me rise instead. The reality of it is that I was off on a day trip which involved my being on the road  at such an […]

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Travel Tips: Coming Home

We are eagerly anticipating some upcoming travels around these parts. Our internet browser has about a half dozen tabs open encouraging us to visit certain attractions and locations on our planned route. There is always great excitement in preparing for a new trip because you never really know what might happen (although you sorta hope to […]

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